What Happened?

Edward operates a towing and service shop in South Elgin, IL.

A vehicle was brought into our shop to have extensive work done on the engine. After the repairs were complete the customer brought his truck back complaining of a strange noise. It was assessed that the noise was coming from a failed turbocharger. At that point an estimate was given to the customer for the sake of information and in no way forcing the repairs on the customer. We discovered that the noise was coming from an improperly connected turbocharger, an oversight by us when did the original repairs. Reconnecting the turbocharger is a $30 fix much less then replacement of a failed one, which the invoice was for. The customer then took his truck to another shop where they performed work on other areas of his truck including reconnecting the turbocharger properly.

In comes the chargeback letter, the customer was looking for an adjustment for the work the other shop had performed. Work that had nothing to do with what Edward�s shop had done.

How Entrust Bankcard made a difference.

It is always our intention to deal with our customers as fairly and honestly as possible. In the instance of this chargeback, we see and admit to our oversight and apologized for the customers confusion in that they thought we meant to sell them a turbo they did not need. However despite the oversight of improperly connecting the turbo piping the remainder of the repair is perfect and will enable the customer to use that piece of equipment for years to come. The billing and pricing of this repair was shopped and researched and is inline and fair. Save our oversight, paying for this chargeback says that the work we did was below standard, when in fact it was not.

Confusion is what caused this chargeback, the customer was trying to get out of paying for work that was completed thinking that the work was not completed. With so many unethical repair shops out there people are quick to judge and put blame on the shop when its merely a lack of understanding the issue. That confusion and misunderstanding can be expensive but with Swipe Safe from Entrust Bankcard that worry is eliminated.

Account Manager: Marc Palluck

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