What Happened?

Vivian owns a car repair shop in Tempe, AZ

A customer needed a car repair and we could not proceed with the repairs until the part was pre-paid. I expressed this to him over the phone and he gave me a card number which I processed as usual. We put the the part on the car on October 21st. The customer didn�t pick the car up until November 13th and the transaction was processed on November 14th. On December 9th we received an inquiry regarding the transaction followed by a charge back letter in February. I have the customers contact info but to my surprise I can�t get in touch. Although I was recently told he is in jail in Los Angeles.

Criminals wear a different disguise these days, gone are the Bonnie and Clyde bank robbing days. Now they look like regular customers looking for honest work. When your normal precautions are just not enough, the small business owner needs a little more protection.

How Entrust Bankcard made a difference.

Paying for this charge back really helps me financially, I can finally pay a bill that has been outstanding. Times are very challenging right now, financially. Every little bit helps a lot. It will also help me not to be too discouraged in using the credit card machine. This is a first in 20 years of business and will help us be more alert to phone processing.

This transaction and charge back was dragged out for five months, that�s a long time to be worrying about a transaction. With Swipe Safe from Entrust Bankcard, Vivian had piece of mind that she was protected. Although Vivian had to drag her feet on a bill, she knew that she wouldn�t be out these funds and that the outstanding bill could be taken care of.

Account Manager: Greg Ervin

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