High Risk Merchant Processing Products & Services


Internet Merchants in the USA

High Risk Merchants are businesses that have a high credit rate or a business that has a high turnover but also, an increased risk of fraud and chargebacks. Chargebacks are the Achilles heel of all merchants both retailers and online shopping cart systems.

Merchants who run high risk businesses have a hard time finding credit card processing options. Very few online merchant account providers are willing to take the risk to support the merchants and provide them with a high risk merchant account, in case they do, the charges applied are so high that usually it is not feasible. Which Merchants need a High Risk Merchant Account?

We Provide a High Risk credit card payment gateway allowing you to accept Visa / Master credit cards against very competitive rates. We processes for both low-risk and high-risk merchant accounts. We set your rates as determined by your type of business. "Low risk" businesses such as web hosting qualify for a lower rate, whereas a "High risk" business such as mail order wholesale pharmacy merchant account have higher rates. A business is generally classified as high risk when both its chargeback potential and the likelihood that it will shut its doors and disappear over-night are considered high based on the history of that type of business.


MOTO Companies

Many businesses today accept payments for their products and services over the phone, by mail or by fax.

The preferred method of payment for these types of sales is through debit card and credit card acceptance. There are several ways to process these types of card not present transactions or MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) transactions.

The first option, is to key enter in your customer’s credit and debit card transactions into a credit card terminal. If you already own a credit card terminal, our tech department can reprogram it over the phone for free. We work with high risk consulting services, so If you do not own a terminal you will need to purchase one. Please view our list of credit card terminals to see which terminal best suits your needs.

The second option, is to key enter in your customer’s payments into the Virtual Terminal which allows a merchant to authorize, process and manage credit cards, debit cards, and check orders from any computer connected to the Internet. There is no software to install. Once logged in you’ll be taken to a secure order page encrypted in 128-bit Secure Socket Layer technology where you will enter in the necessary information to process the transaction.

Do you currently own a credit card terminal or POS system? We can reprogram your equipment for you for free. After your account is approved our tech department will reprogram your credit card terminal or POS system over the phone at no cost.

Do you currently process credit cards through QuickBooks, First Data, Elavon but would like the flexibility of choosing a merchant service provider of your choice, preferably one with lower processing rates and fees than you are currently paying? Were you closed for being classified as "High Risk" and seeking alternative solutions for your small business?

Internet Business

Internet Business

E-Commerce applications that do transaction processing in real time. Are you accepting credit cards and checks from your customers on-line and in real-time? Join the e-commerce revolution with an Internet merchant account from Entrust, the company that has been a real-time e-commerce processor and gateway since 1999.

Enjoy the benefits of our competitive rates and low monthly fees.

Looking for a low cost means of starting up a Web site? Entrust’s service offers merchants an easy to use online shopping cart program and high visibility on the Internet through the Google search engine. The portal also provides merchant resources available on-line, full on-line reporting and one-click access to your bank’s Web site. We also support all of the top gateway services such as authorize.net, nmi, and usaepay.

• Secure transactions – Cardholder data is protected with state-of the-art Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

• Includes Virtual Terminal; manually enter both credit cards and check transactions!

• Development can be handled by your own ISP or Web developer, or one of our ISP partners or shopping cart vendors. Compatible with authorize.net, usaepay and NMI.

• Professional customer service available 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

• Turnkey e-commerce Web site solutions available (additional charge).

• We provide free processing scripts in php, asp, perl, java many popular hosting languages.

Rates and Fees

Rates and Fees


All of our customers agree that Payment Processing is the best option for new, or existing, online, offline merchants wanting to accept credit cards.

Our unbelievably low merchant account rates are REAL. They are not introductory or teaser rates. They are all interchange plus pricing and in many cases high risk companies such as student loan consolidation services can still qualify for no annual fee and no early termination fees. Unlike our competitors, we will not raise these rates a month from now - or a year from now. And we give you more than just our word; we will guarantee our rates to you in writing! The only time they may change is if Visa/MasterCard changes their interchange rates.

Service Industry Standard Payment Processing Services

Merchant Account Application Fee
$99-$300 FREE

Checks by Web, Phone, and Fax: Allows you to accept checks via the Internet, phone, or fax
Non-refundable FREE
Web Shopping Cart $350 FREE
Programming Charge $400 FREE
Shipping and Handling Charge $55-$99 FREE
American Express Draft Capture Setup Fee $15-$35 FREE
Merchant Account Technical Support Hours 8am-5pm Mon-Fri 24 hours a day7 days a week
Credit Restrictions Extremely Strict Not An Issue
Retail Discount Rate    
Retail Transaction Fee 1.95% 1.65%
Internet / Mail / Phone Order Discount Rate 30-95 centsper Transaction 25 cents per Transaction
Internet / Mail / Phone Order Transaction Fee 1.95% 2.35%
Statement/Customer Service Fee 55-89 cents per Transaction 25 cents per Transaction
Internet Processing Software Purchase $15-$35 per month $10.00 per month
Internet Processing Software Lease $499-$999 $195
Internet Processing Software Gateway Fee $39-$99 per month48 month lease $39.95 per month6 month lease
Terminal Purchase $25-$45 per month $19.95 per month
Terminal Lease $795-$1299 $395.00
Terminal with Integrated Printer Purchase $49-$99 per month48 month lease $19.95 per month48 month lease
Terminal with Integrated Printer Lease $945-$1499 $495.00
Online Gateway

Online Gateway

Mail/Phone Merchant Account

It is an absolute necessity for mail order and telephone businesses to accept credit cards for payment. Since the customers are not physically present and you are unable to swipe their credit cards only a merchant account will allow you to process their transactions. Payment Processing carries only the newest and most technologically reliable virtual terminal. Just access the virtual terminal on your computer and type in the requisite information. In seconds your order has been processed and the customer transaction completed. If you're not accepting credit cards yet you are definitely losing money!

Payment Processing process for over 10,000 merchants who successfully use mail order and telephone business. They range in size and processing needs, from small antique shops to high volume, 20 lane grocery stores. In fact, Payment Processing has been the ultimate source for credit card processing to merchant account owners of all shapes and sizes, and all business types.

Domestic USA and Offshore

Domestic and Offshore Solutions

E-Commerce has quickly become the next frontier for entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide. There are fortunes to be made online if you have the right product or service. An online storefront can be used to efficiently sell one item, as well as market a whole warehouse of goods or services.

The right website can make you money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if you have the right set-up. High Risk Payment Processing has the technology that you need, and it's free for your Internet Business today!

Payment Processing has been the ultimate source for both domestic and offshore credit card processing to merchants of all shapes and sizes, and all business types. We process for over 215,000 successful merchants ranging in size and processing needs, from high risk small business owners to high volume retail outlets. We have what it takes to make your business a success. Get the competitive edge your business needs today with a Domestic USA or Offshore Merchant Account.