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High Risk Merchant Account for Night Clubs

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If you own a night club, over 21 entertainment, or an cabaret gentleman’s club, you might find it extremely difficult to attain a merchant account. This is because of the high-risk status that comes along with this industry and it is here to stay. Most of the payment processing platforms place bars, taverns, clubs, night club industry on their prohibited type list. While there are a number of high-risk payment processors, not all of them are thorough with the complexities involved in the merchant night club industry. This is exactly why you need a merchant account that specializes in restaurant and night clubs and other businesses that provide entertainment.

Whom to trust and why our merchant processing services?

While you might come across many high-risk payment processors, you should not really attach yourself to the very first one that offers its services. A reliable credit card processor will offer a plethora of services that will help your business prosper. Try not to settle for unreasonable rates and aim for high-risk coverage. We offer low monthly fees and the cheapest rates for your club that offers nude dancing, special events, membership clubs and more!

Have you been denied/shutoff by other credit card processors?

Credit processors like First Data / Bank of America, Chase, Elavon, Paypal have businesses like yours blacklisted in their underwriting guidelines. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise if you have been denied, closed, shut off, cancelled of their services.

Since credit cards are the major avenues of income in your industry, not having a merchant account can badly impact your profit-making venture.

This is exactly where our role begins. We have been intricately involved with restaurant establishments, gentleman’s clubs and hels over a considerable period of time and we know exactly what it takes to survive here.

Our friendly customer care and team of experts will help you find a bank that is willing to join hands with you.

Are you looking for credit card machine for your Over 18 Entertainment Club?

Credit Card Terminal swipe merchants invariably find restaurants gentleman’s clubs and the restaurant entertainment business highly lucrative. We are exactly the same and have similar interests. We have products and services that allow your customers to pay via any credit card like Visa/Mastercard/Discover/Amex. You can rest assured to know that all transactions made by our credit card machine/ terminal are absolutely safe and secure.

In case you need to carry out ACH processing and check processing for your customers, we provide services for that too. We also have Iphone/Droid mobile apps for tech savvy customers. This makes for easy payment options for your customers by bringing in the services of a smart phone.

What’s more, there are not setup fees while you apply for your merchant account with us. The gateway setup is installed by our friendly team of experts so that all operations run smoothly. All the details of the transactions made by you are safely guarded by our verfione swipe EMV compliant terminals and there is absolutely no chance of hacking. Moreover, there are no rolling reserve requirements since we have your data covered.

The Factors to look out for

All merchant accounts have one purpose; automating recurring transactions through virtual terminals. However, we would want you to know that there are major differences in the quality of services offered.

  • A good merchant account service will help you credit processing services without asking for a setup fee.

  • You also require a friendly customer support system that cooperates with you and helps you enhance your business potential.

  • You need a virtual terminal so that you can receive your customer’s payments directly without needing his card or signature.

  • Android and iOS mobile apps are gradually getting more popular. Having these apps has become a kind of necessity to facilitate your payments.

  • Since in this industry, you tend to have regular and frequently visiting customers, you can help them with recurring billing. This helps them have access to uninterrupted services without getting into the hassle of paying individually for every visit.

  • Chargebacks are common in gentleman’s clubs. A good service provider will not increase the rates because of the increasing number of chargebacks.

Exploring Options for the Night Life Entertainment Industry

Our company offers domestic as well as offshore accounts. It is true that domestic accounts involve lower rates and greater security. However, it might not be the best solution to meet your business requirements.

You can use offshore accounts to deal with transactions that happen in multiple currencies. These accounts also give you options for tax saving.

If offshore account for international transactions is what you are looking for, you have landed up at the right spot. We will tie you up with the right bank so that your account opening is completed in the shortest span of time and with minimum documents.

To add to all our services, we also help keep your chargebacks under control by offering chargeback mitigation solutions.

Startups are more than welcome!

Your newly established company will no longer need to sway from one service provider to the other. We will ensure that your virtual terminals are ready in no time to accept payments in all modes possible. We have the expertise to handle all kinds of business issues and we have solutions for each and every one of them. Our rates and fees for merchant accounts differ when it comes to startups. We do a high risk vs. low risk evaluation of your business to analyze our level of exposure. Your rates could be marginally higher due to the high risk involved. Trust us to provide you with affordable and reliable services all through.

Merchant Cash Advance

In this industry, you could suddenly need more working capital to expand, set up a new location or pay debts. This is where we offer you a merchant cash advance solution. This service carries favorable terms and has a repayment schedule that is quite flexible. Get your funding right away!

Success is just a couple of clicks away

Approval and provision of portal hardly takes time at our end. We understand that a business idea carries a sort of urgency and it needs to be executed at the earliest. You can get closer to your success story by dialing our customer service number so that we can help you right away. To add the last but not the least feather to our cap, we have no application fees and no setup fees for using our services. So call us now or visit our website to make the most of your business prospects!