MOTO Merchant Credit Card Processor Services

Ecommerce Merchant Account for Mail Order Businsses


A mail order/ telephone order transaction typically falls under “card not present” category. During such transactions, the credit card is not physically presented to the seller for verification. Instead certain information regarding the credit card is provided to the seller to complete the payment. MOTO transactions are generally carried out via fax, email, or telephone. Setting up merchants accounts for MOTO is considered high risk as there is a high possibility of online fraud. Hence, it is highly recommended to open merchant accounts with operators that can ensure the safety of your business transactions.

Online Merchants Mail Order Card Not Present (CNP)

In today’s fast paced life, people are constantly on the lookout for convenient and faster bill payment options. Hence, we see many businesses accepting credit card payments over mail or phone. Opening a MOTO merchant account will help you increase your business by providing convenient payment options for your customers.

In order to provide a better understanding about how a MOTO merchant account operates please read the below section carefully:

  1. The seller will receive a phone call from the customer. The customer enters the card details into a secure terminal. Once done, the details are verified to determine the authenticity of the card.

  2. The seller’s terminal is connected to our business processors in order to carry out further verifications. We receive the information regarding the purchase amount and card details.

  3. In the next step, the information gathered is safely passed on to the bank that has issued the credit card to the client. The bank checks for the authenticity of the card and sets aside the purchase amount for the seller.

  4. Once done, the bank sends a message to us along with an approval number for our reference.

  5. The purchase amount set aside by the respective bank is electronically transferred into the account of the seller.

The process of installing our gateway set up is very straight forward and does not take up much time. You can choose from out wide range of terminals and opt for the one that suits your budget. We offer basic low cost terminals as well as fancy high speed touch screen virtual terminals.

Has your business been shut off or closed by other credit card processors?

It is not uncommon to hear about business being denied by various credit card processors such as First Data, PayPal. This is basically because of the inherent risk associated with MOTO transactions. As there is a high probability of online fraud, many operators are skeptical of offering MOTO merchant account services for newly established businesses. This is where we can help you overcome your problems. We strive hard to make tailor our services to meet the client requirements. We understand that risks are inherent in “card not present” transactions. Hence we offer solutions to mitigate those risks.

Once approved, we provide you with instant access to secure and reliable virtual terminals to process any credit card transactions via Visa/Amex/Mastercard/Discover.

In order to provide more payment options for your customers, we also offer ACH processing and check processing too.

Furthermore, we have tie ups with multiple underwriting banks who are willing to partner with you and support your business operations.

Are you a new business looking for a MOTO friendly merchant account?

In order to ensure that you get the best deal possible, it is highly recommended that you gather information about the application process and the various rates and fees associated with opening an account. MOTO transactions is considered a high risk transaction as the neither the buyer nor the card is physically present while the payment is being made. Hence it is necessary to be prepared to be charged a little more than the normal rates.

Since new businesses do not have a transaction history, they have a high risk profile compared to businesses that have been operating for a few years. Therefore, most merchant account providers charge new entrants with exorbitant fees.

But not us! If you are a new player or a business with years of experience, you will find our rates to be reasonable and within your budget. If you choose to be associated with us, you can enjoy the benefit of no setup fees and no application fee. Please get in touch with us to know more about our rates and application process.

Do you need domestic & offshore options?

As MOTO account merchants fall under the bracket of high risk businesses, we understand that our clients will require offshore accounts apart from domestic accounts. As the process, terms and conditions associated with opening offshore accounts are different compared to domestic accounts, the rates vary accordingly. The rate for opening a domestic account is definitely lower than an offshore account. But if you have customers from across the globe, opening an offshore account may be more beneficial for you.

Our association with several overseas banks will help you boost your business. You can be rest assured that our service standard is best in the industry and the rates at which we offer our services are also on par with the best.

Why partner with us?

Our MOTO services have been designed for businesses that wish to offer its clients multiple ways of payment. We have gained in-depth knowledge and expertise by working in close corners with various retail, healthcare, educational and nonprofit organizations.

By signing up for our services, you can enjoy the below benefits:

Protection against fraud

With the use of advanced fraud management software, we can assure you that all your transactions are safe. Our well designed address and card code verification systems are capable of identifying and preventing suspicious activities.

Online access to your virtual terminal account

Our clients get access to their accounts 24/7. They are free to review, manage, customize and configure their merchant accounts according to their requirements.

Clients can also open separate accounts for different users and set up account access restrictions for each account.

Recurring billing and Email Invoicing

In order to serve customers who frequently do business with you in a better fashion, we offer recurring billing feature. With this feature you do not have to ask customers for their card details repeatedly.

PCI Compliance

Our payment gateways are compliant with the various protocols set by the Payment Card Industry (PCI). Hence, our clients can be sure that their data is safe and secure at all times.

Best Customer support

Our dedicated team of customer support personnel is here to answer your questions. You can get in touch with us on our phone numbers or drop us a mail.