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High Risk Merchant Account for PC Tech Support Industry


What is a PC Tech Support merchant account?

Whether you want to go from your brick and mortar store into the world of online retailing or are setting up your e-commerce store, there is one thing that will need to think. And that is whether you will need a merchant account. The answer to the question is a definite yes, as there is no such thing as a business without a merchant account. If you want to sustain your business, a merchant account is an absolute must.

A merchant account lets you accept credit card transactions from your customers. This is a temporary account into which the money from the transactions are credited into before they can be deposited into your own bank account. Merchant accounts can either be got from a bank or a merchant service provider.

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An online merchant sells his products or services online. His tasks involve buying merchandise, manage or automate invoices, ship orders, send email confirmations etc. to name a few.

Why do I need a high risk friendly merchant account payment gateway?

With everything going online and with more and more customers resorting to online shopping for products and services, your business can benefit greatly from an online presence. This not only increases your customer base but also avoids the costs involved in setting up a brick and mortar store.

A merchant account is not without its pros and cons. But as a general rule of thumb, in today’s world, the pros of having a merchant account for your online business becomes more of a necessity. So naturally the pros far outweigh the cons.

High risk processors and banks that approve of your business

Remote PC tech support and computer repair services are considered as ‘High-risk’ businesses in the merchant account industry. Therefore finding a credit card processing company for your business can be very challenging.

Here are the reasons why your PC tech support business is considered as a high-risk business

  • The transactions are categorized as ‘card not present’

  • Chargebacks are unavoidable as customers frequently dispute charges and ask for a refund

  • Tech support companies can be found in a country different from those of its customers

Even if you manage to find a merchant account service provider that is willing to underwrite your PC, computer and tech support business, they may not be safe. In the name of getting attractive lower rates, you run the risk of possible fraudulent activities on your own merchant account and your customer’s account. Otherwise, you will be charged higher rates because your business is considered to have large chargebacks.

Denied/Shutoff/closed accounts

Just having a merchant account is not enough to sell your services online. You need a payment gateway that is offered by payment processing companies. These act as a link between your merchant account and your e-commerce website.

Another problem faced by high-risk businesses such as yours is that your account can be denied, shut-off or terminated by these credit card processors like FirstData or Paypal. This can happen due to the following reasons

  • If your business is considered as a high-risk business

  • If your business has a potential for high chargebacks

  • A poor credit history

Startup/New Business

You will have difficulty in obtaining a merchant account if you are a newly established company. This is because, most banks and merchant service providers are happy to have a solid credit card transaction history in place to reduce their own risk. So if you are newly setting up your PC technical support and computer repair services company, it will only make it more difficult to get a merchant account as your business is already considered as ‘high-risk’.

Rolling reserve

A rolling reserve is a percentage of your credit card transactions which is held as a reserve fund by either the bank or your merchant service provider. This fund will serve as a contingency fund that is held for a specific period of time to cover a possible fraud or large chargebacks.

But when you are a Startup/New business or a small merchant, even a small amount of money can have an effect on your business. That is why it is important to choose a service provider that will not require you to maintain a rolling reserve fund. Only companies who have dealt with high-risk companies are able to offer a ‘No rolling reserve’ option in their merchant account.

What other options do I have?

Most high-risk businesses resort to offshore merchant accounts as domestic merchant account are very stringent and often reject your application. But domestic accounts have their own advantages such as lower rates and a better security.

A good merchant service provider will be able to provide you with both domestic and offshore options so that you can make use of whichever suits your business the best.

Our services

We are able to provide you with the best services as we are experienced in working with tech support and computer repair services. We also have tie-ups with global payment processing companies, banks and payment gateways.

You don’t have to fill up complicated application forms and spend a lot of time with your paperwork, as we give you the option of a simple free online application. We also help you with setting up your payment gateway for absolutely free. Unlike other companies, we do not charge you with unnecessary fees like PCI compliance fees, statement fees, termination fees etc.

Types of tech support business that we specialize in are as follows

  • Startup/new business or established businesses

  • Denied or shut-off or terminated accounts

  • High chargeback accounts

  • Merchant accounts with bad credit

  • Domestic and offshore businesses

Features of our payment solution

Here is a quick list of our best features

  • Ability to accept credit card transactions from customers around the world in more than 150 countries and all major currencies

  • Safe and secure merchant account

  • Safe and PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)compliant payment gateway that protects both your and your customer’s data from fraudulent activities

  • No rolling reserve fund requirement

  • We provide both domestic and offshore merchant accounts

  • Ideal for new businesses as we do not require any card processing history

  • Competitive rates even if you are an established tech support and computer repair company

  • Streamlined application and approval process for a hassle-free experience

  • Lowest fees for your merchant account processing monthly minimums

  • We also provide you with chargeback protection, mitigation and management services for an all-rounded service

  • Our online gateways are also compatible with a large number or shopping cart software applications

  • 24/7 customer support to handle your queries or complaints