Retail Storefront Smoke Shop Credit Card Merchant Services

High Risk Merchant Account for Retail Smoke Shop Storefront

Be it to buy or sell, internet is the place to be; the use of credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Network is significantly higher online than ever before. It is paramount that your business is capable of accepting credit cards or debit cards to do business online. Your business is no longer restricted to a physical terminal; you need a virtual terminal to develop your prospects.

High risk merchant accounts for Retail Swipe Head Shop

If you are starting a brand new business but have been turned down more than once because your venture is labeled, “High risk,” you are in the right place. We have High risk specialists who can assist you in your case.

To begin with, you must understand that not all businesses are deemed equal according to banks. Depending on your product or services you will be classified into high risk list.

A few of the high risk category include:

  • Startups & Established Retailers

  • Glass Water Pipes

  • CBD, Cannabis Oil, Delta-8 CBD, Delta-9 CBD, Delta-11 CBD

  • CBD Gummies, CBD Tinctures, CBD Supplements

  • Head Shops Selling Kratom

  • Cannabis Friendly Related Products

  • Clover Smoke Shop POS Systems

  • Bongs, Rigs, Hookahs, Bubblers

  • Cigars and tobacco related products

  • Dab Gear, E-Nails

  • Electronic cigarettes, Vape, E-Juice

  • Nails, Head Shop sales

  • Glass pipe manufacturing.

Any industry which is deemed to be illegal, or has offshore business and has questionable business tactics comes under this category. Again, this criterion varies from company to company and between banks and other financial institutions. Therefore, if you fall in this category all is not lost.

Merchant accounts for Retail Store Smoke Shops

As seen from above it is clear that smoke shops come under the high risk category because smoking in public places has been banned all across the country and in several parts across the globe. This has hit the cigarette industry badly. As a result, people have turned to e-cigarettes as a viable option.

Merchant accounts for glass pipe retail locations

Similar is the case for glass piper retailers who are often by banks and billing payment providers because of the risk of chargebacks, age restrictions and the laws involved. As a result they are often declined or shutoff. As a result, procuring payment processing for smoke shops has become increasingly difficult.

Consider us for a credit card swipe machine

Several leading credit card processors do not look at merchant accounts for smoke shops favorably because of the legality involved and also the risk of chargebacks. Since smoke shops are considered high risk businesses even those who offer loan apply high interest rates, additional fees and provide little scope for negotiation.

So, you need to look at service providers like us who can setup a merchant account for smoke shops. They should have specialized personnel who deal with high risk merchant accounts and be well versed with off shore banking and regulations.

Our expertise in this industry will ensure that your account can be setup in no time.

Friendly towards smoke shops and glass pipe retailers

If you have been turned down because of the choice of your business, we have a solution for your problem.

  • Our rates are the best in the industry.

  • We will help setup a free terminal at your location for card present transactions.

  • We also have a very reliable payment gateway.

  • We offer domestic and offshore solutions for your business needs.

  • Mobile payments.

  • Superb technical support 24 x 7.

Setting up Physical Credit Card Verifone Terminals

Most retailers are comfortable with face to face transactions especially with tobacco related business. This is one of the safest methods of payment. We offer very competitive rate for customer signature.

Reliable Payment gateway

To do business online you require a reliable, secure and stable payment gateway that can accept and process credit card payments. These transactions are not card present transactions which are typically the kind at POS terminals. Now, from any computer across the globe you are free to conduct card not present transactions. Because these transactions are more prone to risk and error you require a reliable payment gateway.

Domestic and Offshore solutions

If the stringent domestic rules and regulations do not approve loans for your business, we can provide offshore solutions from our network of overseas banks and financial institutions.

Mobile Payments

Payments can now be made from your IPhone or any android when you download the mobile apps.

Best Customer and Technical support

Technology can be frustrating at time but our capable and knowledgeable technical team is ever ready to address all your technical woes 24 x 7.

Why you should register with us?

Be is Visa/Master Card/ Discover or Amex we can setup the payment process at no additional setup fees. Our rates may vary subject to credit history but you can be assured that our website is user friendly and easy to navigate.

  • Our presence in the e-commerce world has ensured that multiple underwriting banks will support your startup or new business.

  • We are adept at providing both card present and card not present kind of transaction.

  • We also offer electronic check drafting facility through our secure website. Remember, check drafting is not the same as ACH processing. Once you integrate this service in your website you can start accessing checks online too.

  • When you register with us you can be assured that we do not charge any additional fees, our rates are competitive and the application process simple.

  • We provide our services from the smallest to the largest of processing volumes unlike several service providers who do not do business with small vendors.

  • There are no hidden fees involved during your credit card processing. Our rates for processing too are low when compared with any other provider in the industry.

  • We also deal in MOTO merchant accounts if you don’t have credit cards.

  • Both low risk and high risk merchants can do smooth transactions through us.

We understand the nature of your business and know how to help you progress in your business and start making profit. We have the required Ecommerce solutions for you, compatible gateways and the much needed expertise in the field. We have a good working relation with all leading banks in the country and years of experience in the industry. For additional information do not hesitate to contact us.