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High Risk Merchant Account for Marketing Businesses


Why are merchant accounts so essential for SEO services and internet marketers?

With the advent of the internet a new lingo has come into place, SEO being one of them. In fact, you must be already aware that SEO or search engine optimization is what decides the visibility of your website on any internet search engine. Basically, SEO is all about how you structure your website and how search engines recognize the keywords.

There is another phrase that is doing the rounds – internet marketing firms and companies and online merchants. What are these companies and who online merchants are, let’s see.

Who is an Online Merchant?

Anybody who trades online is called an online merchant. Today you can purchase several kinds of products right from clothing to household goods to electronics to just about anything on Amazon and other such online stores. You can also sell or purchase several services like SEO, counseling, web designing, marketing etc.

The role of SEO services and online marketing

Just like people chance about brick and mortar shops, people need to find you on the online market. This is where the SEO services and online marketing enters the picture. Your business needs exposure to grow; it needs to have a significant online presence. A SEO provider’s job is to help people discover your firm or company and convert those who come there to become your customers.

This is far cheaper and effective method of marketing than the traditional marketing methods.

How are Internet Marketing Companies different?

Actually SEO is one of the many functions of an internet marketing firm or company. Besides SEO services this company practically manages everything related to your company on the internet. Right from designing your website, putting up appropriate content on it, keeps track of any online chatter about your company, and organizing everything. In addition to that, an internet marketing company also manages:

  • Ads spend optimization: It is the duty of this company to ensure that your investment in ads such as pay per click brings you adequate returns which can be profitable later on.

  • Site optimization: An internet marketing company also makes sure that the number of the landing page turns into conversions too.

Merchant account and SEO services

A merchant account is a unique account primarily for online marketing. This account is not dependent on a card or signature to operate; in fact, it doesn’t even need a physical debit or credit card. Using a virtual terminal, traders can accept and remit payments online. Via automated credit card processing the payment is directly transferred to the designated account. It is a hassle-free method of online trading that is in vogue in today’s times.

But getting a merchant account is not simple. There are certain criteria which a business should meet before you can open a merchant account. Some businesses are termed high risk and often these businesses find it hard to obtain loans or open merchant accounts.

SEO’s are high risk industries

Despite all internet marketing companies thriving today because of the spurt of startups and new businesses, they are deemed to be high risk merchant accounts. These new businesses need to make their presence on the World Wide Web. It is paramount that they keep up with the ever changing trends online. Their success primarily depends on:

  • Timely and prompt customer service

  • Technical skills.

Why are SEOs high risk accounts?

Probably the reason that these businesses are considered high risk is because of the nature of the business which is not tangible. Banks also shy away from SEO and internet marketing industry because of the record number of scams and malpractices. This industry though rapidly growing is still very nascent and the risks involved are very high. As a result, the chargebacks too are pretty high.

Despite these misgivings, it is crucial that SEOs and internet marketing companies discover a good merchant account that will help them be more profitable.

Which is the most suitable merchant account for SEOs

Every Merchant account is unique with its own features and rates and services. Therefore, it is important that you identify a merchant account that is suitable for SEO services.

At this juncture, you should realize that all SEOs’ and internet related businesses are essentially selling their services online unlike other companies which sell products. As a result, to set up an ecommerce website you need a virtual shopping cart and the related software.

Your account should also be able to handle recurring billing because invariably your clients will be with you for all their SEO needs. It becomes crucial that you have multiple payment gateways to smoothen the payment procedure. Your business style should be user friendly and convenient to your customers.

Is it possible to have both domestic and offshore options?

The two terms that you will come across often in the online merchant community are – Domestic account and offshore options. As the name suggests, domestic account is the one that is opened in your home country in accordance with the prevailing rules and regulations. While offshore accounts are those that are opened in other friendly countries outside the “shores of your country.”

What is the need for offshore accounts?

Because of the high risk nature of merchant account the standard banks often deny or shutoff credit card processing for your business. This leaves you with no option but to go offshore.

Offshore accounts have fewer regulations and are easier to maintain and access. But the security that domestic accounts offer can’t be overlooked even though the rates are lower and not promising.

Most of the high risk businesses invariably have an off shore account because traditional merchant account providers do not approve of these businesses.

We understand SEO better than anyone else

If you own a SEO service providing business or any internet market related company, you would have realized by now how difficult it is to get a merchant account. If credit card processors like PayPal and First Bank have denied you because of the inherent risk, you are at the right place.

We understand the market better than anyone else and have the required expertise in the field to keep you afloat and profitable. Our rates and features are competitive and affordable. For all your queries regarding merchant accounts do not hesitate to contact us.